The Key

Now begins the tedious task of bringing order into a chaotic household. There is a yard sale coming up and I already have three bins for it of nothing but kitchen items. There are clothes to sort through, which I like least of all, and boxes of other things that must be sorted. What can’t be sold will be donated – Use immediately, sell, give away or throw away is the new motto. My mother tended to keep things whether they were useful or not, even if she had duplicates, and this weekend I found myself knee-deep in paper plates and tossing out rusty knives. Every once in awhile someone stumbles on a picture or momento that tears us up, and then we dive right back into finding a place for the latest cake pan we didn’t know we had. My favorite oddity is the discovery of a United States Jell-O mold I plan to try out on the 4th, even though I personally don’t care for Jell-O. My mother used to use the expression “The key is…” a lot and as I’m learning the key is to concentrate on “now,” and at least for the short term, this house needs work NOW.

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