The Pineapple Predicament and Other Stories

Strawberry Shortcake trade paperbacks entitled “The Pineapple Predicament and Other Stories” have arrived in our mail! The trades include all of my 16 page stories from Issues #1-4. My stories include: The Pineapple Predicament The Sour Truth The Berry Scary Storm The Prickly Performance The Legend of Saltwater Pete Some nice comments filtered around the […]

Women Do Not Read Comics Says DC and Kevin Smith

The rising discontent with the treatment of female comic book readers and creators by the comics mainstream bubbled over on social networks this week after two new releases: the results of DC’s Neilsen Survey on their New 52 reboot and the premiere of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men. DC’s survey was made of customers purchasing […]

How Digital Will Force Comic Books To Consider Female Readers Again

Terry Moore was the reason I began reading comics. During the alternative comics boom of the late 1990s, Strangers in Paradise was one of the most influential independently published comic book series being made, and a large chunk of its fanbase was women in an industry where very few titles can say the same. Last […]

Film Review: Guadacanal Diary

Last night’s film research was 1943’s Guadacanal Diary. A war correspondent, who apparently leaned toward over-wrought and dramatic philosophic musings, describes to the viewer his experiences traveling with the soldiers of the first Guadalcanal campaign. The best part of this film was clearly Anthony Quinn; even this early in his career he seems to suck […]