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Excerpt from my interview today with Comics Beat:

Steve: Looking back through your career thus far, I believe you’ve written entirely all-ages comics, from Scooby Doo to My Little Pony. Did you jump into comics with that specific goal in mind – that you’d try and focus on writing comics that everybody can read?

Georgia: That would imply that I had other choices. If you look at how few women are working in traditionally published comics, especially as writers, you’ll see many of them in the all-ages genre because it’s a newly invigorated market and that’s where the opportunities are.

I recently watched a podcast of a group of male writers telling their story about how they got in.  All of them thought they began writing comics in completely different ways, but their stories were all some variation of: “I was a fan and I hung around an editor until I convinced them that my love for superhero comics was strong enough to merit sending him a pitch.” None of them broke in because they were part of an under-represented group and the editor needed someone who could speak to that group.

I was brought in to write a comic for young girls because I was writing a funny webcomic with a woman in it. I jumped at any chance to prove I had more range than that and I’ve been fortunate to have established people in the industry recommend my work since then. I read a lot of horror and crime comics and would gladly pitch for those types of stories given the chance.

That said, I am a strong supporter of all-ages comics because I want to see the industry offer something for everyone and still be around thirty years from now.

The rest is here

Cover above is the #3 subscription variant by MLP artist Agnes Garbowska

Author of Strawberry Shortcake: Return of the Purple Pie Man, Disney’s Frozen Comic Collection, Transformers: Robots in Disguise Animated and Littlest Pet Shop: Open for Business. She’s written for IDW Publishing, Hasbro, Lion Forge, American Greetings and Scholastic, and her work has been discussed in Comics Beat and The Washington Post. Subscribe to the newsletter

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