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I’ve made updates to my website that were long overdue. The goal above all other goals was to make it easy to add new content. The second goal was to consolidate all of the blogging I’ve done on our various websites over the years. I’ve been blogging since 2003! In truth, even further back that that, but those posts were lost years ago during one of my web presence’s many transitions.

I ran across this article today and it hasn’t stopped running through my mind. My little girl’s young life has been full of cuddles and soft pillows. She has more stuffed animals than she can love and we often have to donate gifts from our family. Meanwhile, all Scotty McMillan knew during his brief life was vicious beatings ending in three days of torture. I will never understand how anyone could give children anything but care. I’m thankful every day that my daughter is with me now and look forward to each day she’s there in the future.

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