Littlest Pet Shop This Wednesday!


My editor emailed the team this week and let us know the Littlest Pet Shop hardcover book is coming out much earlier than the date it was originally postponed to. Initially the release was November 2, then updated to December 2, but now it’s November 19! My GoodReads giveaway is still going to end on December 2 because I can’t change a contest once it starts, so if you don’t plan on holding out for a free signed copy, you will have an opportunity to purchase a copy as early as Wednesday.

And what’s great about having a book distributor is – No worries over pre-orders! You will be able to find this book in all kinds of places, including Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Amazon. A few comic shops will have it too, if you’re into going into such places.

If you’re hoping this won’t be the last time the pets show up on a comics page, well… Keep the faith!

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