2015 is a Big Year Ahead

I was one of the writers who tried out for “Jem and the Holograms” and I didn’t get this one. It was a big disappointment because I love the property so much, but it also wasn’t the end of the world. When I look at my schedule next year and acknowledge what I’m already committed to, it would have been tough to do it all. While waiting to see how the Jem chips would fall I wasn’t about to turn down any other opportunity that came along and landed a different monthly project. Add that to another monthly project currently in approvals, a mini-series and a bi-monthly I’m also involved in, I will have a lot of things to announce in 2015.  Not to mention the book I just finished for IDW that has already gone to art and looks fantastic.

One of these projects is for a publisher that is pretty unknown, but it’s one of the biggest properties in existence. When the news eventually breaks I have a feeling a lot of the media will pick that it up. If you pay any attention to my tweets at @askmaridee, who I talk to and what I retweet, you might be able to guess what it is.  No I can’t say what. Just let it go.

Licensed work has kept me very busy but it’s never been my end goal. Getting the IDW book off my plate has given me a little time to employ an assistant, partner with another writer and get an agent. And I’m working on an experiment I’ve always wanted to do, and since it’s my project, I can talk about it on this blog without breaking any non-disclosures. When you do as much work-for-hire as I do, that’s an incredible freedom.

I’m a huge fan of storytelling radio programs and I’ve always wanted to do one.  I’ve been meeting regularly with my writing partner and the actress doing the voice work and I like where it’s going. I’ve pulled in some additional content providers and built a destination website for the podcast–All those years of web development experience are coming in handy. One of my guys said I really know how to make WordPress my bitch and I’m not going to argue.

Currently we’re at scripting stage, more on this as I go. Off to edit the theme song!


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