Miles to Go

I’m enjoying the feature on Amazon that tells you what people who bought your book also bought in the same order. All of the playsets and sticker books are telling me some kids are getting a very merry Littlest Pet Shop Christmas.

I’m bleary-eyed this morning after a 2-hour commute home last night. When traffic is reasonable I live 20 minutes away from work. When it’s unreasonable I live 2 hours away.  That means if traffic didn’t exist I could live in Bellingham for the same amount of time it takes me to drive 20 miles.

I was also busy fleshing out the mythology for one of next year’s projects with an indie publisher. I’m the writer but the concept isn’t mine, so this has been a new exercise in filling in the details around an existing idea. I will say the artist they’re thinking about using has turned in some concepts that completely thrilled me!  If everything keeps moving along it will be my first published book marketed to teenage girls instead of the younger set – Some content may be a little too intense for under 10.

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