Welcome, Welcome, 2015

I’ve been blogging since it was called “updating your website.” My earliest posts from 2000 to 2002 have been lost to the ether, mostly because they weren’t made on WordPress, but nobody’s missing anything. Back then I mostly ranted about the disintegration of the animation industry, and now that we’ve fully buried the job of traditional animators it just reads like yelling into a black hole. But it’s funny to realize I’ve been blogging for fifteen years and I used to do it by creating new HTML pages that had to be manually linked together.

In mid-December I wrapped up scripts for a one-shot book that will be announced some time next year. More Scoobies will be coming out though I don’t have a date for their release yet – I do know that “The Lady in Pink” issue delayed last year will be released this February. I also signed contracts for two new series, both digital-first and both getting started immediately. Once you get past the pitching and the negotiating and the meetings, the real work starts and it’s here. That’s not counting the two other licenses I’ve signed paperwork for but have not gotten the go-ahead yet.

On New Year’s Eve in 2013, I said it would be the year of Transition. By that I meant it would be the year I transitioned from web development side work with a writing hobby to full-time web development with writing side work. A year later that prediction had come true and I said 2014 would be the year of Growth. Two Scoobies and five issues of Littlest Pet Shop came out in 2014, but that was a drop in the hat compared to the deals that got signed and work that has already gone into stories coming out in 2015. Growth turned out to be an apt description of this year. Transition followed by Growth, this will be the year of the Flood. So much work to do it will be hard to keep up with it all… But I can’t wait to wear myself out.

Author of Strawberry Shortcake: Return of the Purple Pie Man, Disney’s Frozen Comic Collection, Transformers: Robots in Disguise Animated and Littlest Pet Shop: Open for Business. She’s written for IDW Publishing, Hasbro, Lion Forge, American Greetings and Scholastic, and her work has been discussed in Comics Beat and The Washington Post. Subscribe to the newsletter

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