Geek Girl (Kind Of)

This past Saturday I attended Geek Girl Con to see how many panels I could go to in one day. The answer was four, but if I were to reduce that down to panels I remember it would go down to two. Two of the panels were about writing and meeting writers and two were about fandom and fandom-based analysis, so after considering my reactions to all four I realized I have very little connection to fandom participation. I observe it, I’m aware of it, but I’m not part of it. A panelist who starts by talking about the themes in “Legend of Korra,” then “Steven Universe,” then Buffy and so on and so on quickly leaves me behind thinking, “Haven’t seen it, haven’t seen it, haven’t seen it…” Well, I consume media very selectively. Not just to what’s good, but to what I have time for.

But I LOVED the writing panels, particularly “Women’s Issues in Publishing,” highlighted by real-world statistics on the current representation of women in all aspects of the publishing business. I went to the signing with Patricia D. Eddy and Camela Thompson afterward, picked up their books and I’m looking forward to reading my first “military romance.” I didn’t even know that was a thing, but yes, romance has a lot more subgenres than it did when my mother was buying regency novels at our musty used bookstore. In summary, I’m facing another year with a full slate of comics to write but I’m still considering trading SDCC for a writer’s conference this summer.

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