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Disney Princesses Coming in February

Disney Princess #1
Disney Princess #1

Amy and I spent much of last year on a project that was eventually dropped but her hard work on that effort morphed into Joe Books’ Disney Princess series coming out this February. Amy’s been putting out her very popular Pocket Princess webcomic for some time on Facebook and Tumblr, and although this is not that series (the princesses live in their own worlds instead of interacting with each other), it’s just as lively and just as full of her beautiful artwork.

Amy asked me to help out on the writing duties because of the sheer volume of strips required to fill these books on a monthly basis. I wasn’t able to put as much time into contributing as I would have liked, but our editor Jesse Post brought on Geoffrey Golden so the machine remains in motion. I’m accustomed to juggling more than one project but another Disney property is eating my time like it’s been on a diet so I’m going to be the smallest contributor on this series for the foreseeable future. I won the award for “Most Enthusiastic Rejection of a Comic Strip” so I’ll always have that.

This series will be an Amy Mebberson showcase and I’m so happy to be a part of it. It’s also my very first Disney creative credit—Quite a milestone.

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