Eternal Descent

Eternal Descent

I loved getting the chance to work with Lexi Leon on his Eternal Descent project and write a comic that follows his iconic heavy metal angel through his tortured past.

More info from the publisher:

Eternal Descent finally unravels the heroic past of the nomadic warrior angel Sirian with Eternal Descent: Sirian#1! It’s the latest in a series of all new one-shot origin stories exploring the major players in this heavy metal fantasy series. With his supernatural sonic abilities and a fondness for lost causes, Sirian travels through Heaven and Hell, haunted by the faces of those he couldn’t save. Now, Sirian makes a final stand against Pit Lord Loki and his demonic Hellspawn to spare one mortal soul.

WHAT IS IT: This is a brand-new one-shot companion and sequel to the first 2 volumes of Eternal Descent!

FOR FANS OF: Supernatural, Horror, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal!

WHAT HAPPENS: Izanami lost everything when she lost her songwriter soul mate, including the music that gave her life meaning. One night she meets a mysterious man named Sirian who claims to have watched humanity throughout the ages. The fallen Seraph, haunted by his past battles with Loki and the Hellspawn, has only a few days to save Izanami before the next shooting star.

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