Puzzling Path with the Care Bears


The second graphic novel featuring the Care Bears will be out in comic book stores this February, Care Bears: Puzzling Path. In it, Share Bear, Wish Bear, Grumpy Bear and two kids go on an adventure that gives them insight into the troubles they’re having outside of Care-A-Lot.

Working on these with Lion Forge was an interesting process. I usually prefer getting the chance to review pencils, and cutting that step out tripped us up on continuity a couple of times. Fortunately my very conscientious editor was on top of things and Melanie Gillman’s art is a distinctive and individual take on the characters.

There will be hardcover versions sold in bookstores of both of these titles and I’m expecting those to have more appeal to parents. Those will be released in early 2017. The paperback for the first graphic novel, Rainbow River Rescue, is available now on the Kindle.

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