Dark Lily

Space Goat released Dark Lily: Chapter 1 during last year’s Free Comic Book Day event as part of Dark Lily and Friends. They’re publishing the rest of the story in 2017, first as digital chapters on Comixology and then in a new format they’re calling “Backpack Editions.” From the press release:

Perfect-bound, at 9″ x 6″, the graphic novels are small enough to fit in backpacks, messenger bags, and purses, while still being durable enough for travel. Perfect for readers on the go. Most books will be available digitally on Amazon and Comixology well in advance of physical publication.

“Going straight to graphic novel after serializing digitally first has been a dream of mine since at least 2005,” stated Publisher Shon Bury. “Our partnership with Amazon and Comixology, along with competitive domestic printing sources, has made that dream a reality.”

I’ve worked with Shon long enough to know is a true statement, and I’m excited to see it happen. Writing Dark Lily has had some starts and stops, so it’s a great joy and relief to look forward to the story’s release as a complete trade in 2017. The project is his concept and I’m glad I got the opportunity to help him bring it to life.

I’m currently wrapping up the last couple of chapters and approving art every few days. I’m grateful to have the same artist we worked through the original concept art with, George Kambadais, as its hard to imagine Lily’s world in any other hands.

Here’s more about the backpack editions from the press release:

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