Evil Dead 2: Tales of the Ex-Mortis #3


Publisher: Space Goat Publishing

(W) Frank Hannah, Justin Peniston, Georgia Ball
(A) Enza Fontana, Alan Quah, Eduardo Garcia

Three new Evil Dead “Ash-thology” tales expand the Evil Dead Universe with high-octane Kandarian horror. This companion series to our own Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn calls forth three Ash-centric stories of Deadites, ghouls, monsters, and more. Featuring stories by writers Frank Hannah, Justin Peniston, and Georgia Ball with art by Enza Fontana, Alan Quah, and Eduardo Garcia.

Three separate stories, “Soul Power 3” by Justin Peniston and Enza Fontana; “Say Your Prayers” by Georgia Ball and Eduardo Garcia; “Das Book” by regular Evil Dead 2 writer Frank Hannah and Alan Quah. All tie into the Evil Dead 2 Universe and expand what we know about Deadites, Kandarians, and the Ex-Mortis.

features Nazis and demons.