I wrote my first Frozen pitch in the summer of 2014. It took us two years to go from there to a July 2016 solicitation and a lot of hard work was going on behind the scenes. The journey began at San Diego Con 2012 when my collaborator on the Ape Entertainment Strawberry Shortcake series, Amy […]

Ape Comics CEO David Hedgecock interview – Poison Elves and Strawberry Shortcake!

The halfway point includes some numbers – They can’t keep Strawberry on the shelves, but they can’t get the retailers to increase their orders either. They sell out but the retailers won’t take the chance, is it any wonder the digital sales are outdoing the print sales? There’s also some mentions of other titles I’ve […]

From Sesame Street to Pocket God: A look at Ape Entertainment

At San Diego Comic Con, I had the opportunity to chat with Brett Erwin and David Hedgecock, the founders of Ape Entertainment. Ape has a varied line that includes comics for both children and adults and a wide array of licensed properties. They have produced licensed comics based on popular films such as Shrek, Penguins […]

Strawberry Shortcake “Good Times & Best Friends” #1

It’s in Previews! Strawberry Shortcake “Good Times & Best Friends” #1 28 PG | Full Color | $3.99 ISBN #: 978-1-937676-26-1 DCD ORDER NUMBER: APR12 0786 I’ve seen this issue and its amazing. It’s really the best Ape has put out yet and I’m thrilled about “Field Day,” my best story to date.  Amy Mebberson’s art […]

Sesame Street and Ape Comics in USA Today

Quick mention of my comic series included: The comic-book publisher is teaming with the Sesame Workshop to bring longtime TV stars Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Grover, Elmo and all the gang to comics for the first time in Sesame Street’s 43-year history. Ape CEO David Hedgecock says he’s been working with Sesame Workshop for more than a year […]

The Pineapple Predicament and Other Stories

Strawberry Shortcake trade paperbacks entitled “The Pineapple Predicament and Other Stories” have arrived in our mail! The trades include all of my 16 page stories from Issues #1-4. My stories include: The Pineapple Predicament The Sour Truth The Berry Scary Storm The Prickly Performance The Legend of Saltwater Pete Some nice comments filtered around the […]

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Fun #4

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Fun #4 comes out in stores this Wednesday! The digital version is already available on the iphone digital app. This issue: Berry Bitty City is celebrating this year’s Founder’s Day with a theatrical extravaganza directed by Strawberry Shortcake. Everyone has a part to play, but when Plum Pudding threatens to overshadow the […]