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Neighbors Needed

My dad just popped in to tell me that he needs additional Farmville neighbors so he can buy the largest tract of land available. If you play and you would like to be his Facebook friend, you can find him here. My parents are staying with us while their new house is painted and furnished, and it will not be long before they are on their way. Followers of my dad’s Facebook feed are treated to regular updates on the house’s progress. I have to confess that I am the one that made him a FB regular and what a monster I created. His updates are so quirky, some acquaintances of mine and my sister’s who don’t know him personally or even play a shared game have befriended him in order to read his status reports. Of course, I grew up with this. But he is proof that a retired Baby Boomer can get a lot out of social networking, especially when he connects with more and more of his high school friends. Needless to say today’s strip is dedicated to my dad, who was actually late to a Sunday School lunch because he was harvesting eggplant.

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