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Passage to India

I’ve been graciously offered a subscription to Animation Express, a newsletter that beams itself right into my inbox from Indiantelevision.com. I appreciate this to no end; how else would I get frequent updates about foreign outsourcing that I can bring to the attention of other artists, and where oh where would I be without so many articles by studios in India telling me more about their success?

The article that immediately caught my attention this morning was this one: Passage to Asia and India: A 3D Overview of 2003. It was inevitable that once local producers realized they could send animation overseas, and once foreign studios realized 2D was only a part of the whole, these two eager beavers would get together and start sending 3D jobs out of the country. Those animators who retrained themselves are finding that 3D is a temporary answer to their problems. None of this is really news, except perhaps how much the asian animation industry intends to grow and how fast. What was interesting is that Indian studios are hoping to break out of the service provider rut. Join the club guys.

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