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Popin Cookin Donuts

We put a Popin Cookin Donut kit in my daughter’s stocking this Christmas and she was eager to try it out. The picture on the box looks adorable and exactly like miniature doughnuts, so I didn’t know what to expect. A baking step at some point I guess?

The ingredients were packets of powder labeled “chocolate” and “vanilla” for the doughnuts and “strawberry” for the frosting. When we added water, the doughnut powders gradually congealed into a spongy… substance. Like the box says, the results are technically edible, the question is if you really want to.

My daughter was braver than I was and gave it a taste–said it tasted like “gummies.” But gummies don’t have a weird, sticky sugar glaze on top. Fun to make, not so appealing to eat.

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