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Hello Kitty Strawberry Surprise Cookie Mix

My daughter wants everything with Hello Kitty on it. After I learned that Wal-Mart is one of the few places in town that reliably stocks red curry paste, we’ve occasionally shopped there for groceries. My daughter saw a pink box of Hello Kitty Strawberry Surprise Cookie Mix on the shelf and had to have it.

I don’t have much faith in cookie mixes. Cookies are easy to make, and all a mix gets you is all of the dry ingredients in one place. I caved for this purchase because it offered transfer sheets of Hello Kitty’s face, and I’ve been curious about transfer sheets.

The mix needed eggs, water and vegetable oil stirred in, and quickly took on a vibrant pink color after water was added. We rolled the dough into balls, and I noticed the dough was very stiff, like modeling dough. We flattened the balls into disks per the instructions, and the Hello Kitty faces were laid on top.

The cookies baked for twelve minutes and the results were underwhelming. The strawberry flavor is chalky and artificial, and the cookie was so dry, it fell apart in our mouths. The transfer paper was cute and didn’t add any unpleasantness that wasn’t already there, but it would have been nicer to use it on a better cookie.

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