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Disney Outsources and the Toonies 2004

Speak of the devil, Animation Guild president Kevin Koch (he’s not the devil, the subject is) was interviewed on Lou Dobbs last week concerning Disney’s annoucement that they will shortly be outsourcing to India. The transcript is available here, and it’s not hard to see that though this was an important effort, what actually came across in the interview does not have much of an impact. Severely edited, the gist of the interview is that animation outsourcing is bad mainly because Disney will lose its emotional appeal. Everyone in the industry knows there is far more to say than what can be condensed into three minutes and one sound byte per person.

Last Saturday night was the Toonie Awards banquet held by Cartoonists Northwest. Congratulations to winner Kevin Brockschmidt, and to nominees Shary Flenniken, Bill Van Horn, Mike Grell and Bill Barnes. Mike Grell was the speaker, and his description of a cartoonists journey from confusion to middle age was fascinating and inspiring. I’ve been given the new responsibility of writing up our meetings for the newsletter, so look for my notes on Kaja and Phil Foglio’s appearance on March 19th in the next issue of Pen Stuff.

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