My Favorite Time of Year

I want to thank everyone who gave to the GoFundMe for Collette’s daughter. I’ve heard word that the money has safely reached Jordyn’s family and they are setting up a trust fund for her. I’m so grateful for Michael Skolnik’s hard work on behalf of a stranger, for the celebrities who gave, and for the generosity of so many people who were touched by the story.

I’m also grateful for Collette’s family and everything they did to see that the GoFundMe campaign got to the right people. There is better news concerning Jordyn’s custody which you can read about here.

I’m currently doing a lot of editing work! The current book I’m working on is my first hire with a professional editor credit, and I’m excited to announce the title when I’m able to. As a hint, I can only say my boss is in Japan right now, working on the next set of deals.


  We bought a house last year and moved in mid-April, when most of the tulips had already bloomed and withered away. The town we moved to is famous for its vast tulip fields, so everything in town is decorated with them. I love flowers, allergic to them as I may be, so I bought […]

Emerald City Comic Con 2017

I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Thursday through Sunday, March 2-5 at Booth BB-3 on Floor 6. That’s up there against the wall. My booth neighbors include good friends @amymebberson and @silvaniart and we’ll all have Disney comics available to sign! Emerald City is a great opportunity to get Disney Princess comics signed […]

Dark Lily

Space Goat released Dark Lily: Chapter 1 during last year’s Free Comic Book Day event as part of Dark Lily and Friends. They’re publishing the rest of the story in 2017, first as digital chapters on Comixology and then in a new format they’re calling “Backpack Editions.” From the press release: Perfect-bound, at 9″ x 6″, […]

Strawberry Shortcake Hardcover Giveaway

I’m running a GoodReads Giveaway for the first Strawberry Shortcake hardcover! This edition collects issues #1-#2 of the comic book series, plus issue #0 from the 2016 Free Comic Book Day. One lucky GoodReads user will get an autographed copy from my comped set. This book was work-for-hire, so I don’t benefit financially from sales of […]


I wrote my first Frozen pitch in the summer of 2014. It took us two years to go from there to a July 2016 solicitation and a lot of hard work was going on behind the scenes. The journey began at San Diego Con 2012 when my collaborator on the Ape Entertainment Strawberry Shortcake series, Amy […]