Littlest Pet Shop Hardcover Upcoming Release


The Littlest Pet Shop comic book series is being collected into one hardcover graphic novel just in time for Christmas! Release date is December 2 and you can pre-order on Amazon.

This hardcover edition collects issues #2-#5 of the comic book series and features multiple stories with characters from the popular TV cartoon series “The Littlest Pet Shop.” Young readers will enjoy the easy-to-read font and comic format and parents will appreciate the quirky personalities and responsible female lead.

BronyCAN 2014


I’m going to be a guest this weekend at BronyCAN 2014! I’m sure I’m a lot more excited about this than anybody else is. As fun as Everfree was (because Heather was there!), this is my chance to meet even more people working on the production of My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. I’m looking forward to shaking hands with Nicole Oliver, who was so excited to receive her copy of the Princess Celestia micro. I’m looking forward to handing her a copy of Littlest Pet Shop #4 starring her equally important character, Zoe.

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