I listen to an outrageous amount of material online. Most of it is video reviews and podcasts that don’t really need to be watched. After years of watching other people write shows, it didn’t matter how busy I was, I had to produce a show of my own. So here it is:


My writing partner is Jessie-Lynn Jones, who is also the voice of HorizonHub. We both have a background as castmembers, I worked for several years at Disney corporate and I have a long-time love affair with theme parks. All theme parks, of any budget, small or large, new or abandoned. I had a concept about a park far in the future and we developed the show as a comedy.

Working on a podcast has given me the chance to dive back into my audio editing  suite, bringing back semi-sweet memories of my life as an animator. My new favorite thing to do is open up a recording and remove all of the heavy breathing.