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Comics Without Superheroes and the Women Who Love Them

Tom Spurgeon’s essay Breaking a 26-Year Weekly Comics Buying Habit  tells the story of a devoted comic book reader who became disillusioned with mainstream comics and walked away. It comes down to three major points:

  1. Mainstream comics are a duopoly (Marvel, DC) distributed by a monopoly (Diamond)
  2. The duopoly produces superhero stories almost exclusively
  3. Superhero stories tend to –
    -retread storytelling devices (like angsty first-person captions)
    -repeat and reboot the same origin stories instead of growing the universe with risky new characters
    -move at a pace that’s too slow to maintain interest

My story might be entitled “Why I Never Started a 26-Year Weekly Comics Buying Habit,” because while these obstacles forced one man to an ultimate conclusion, for me they were a barrier to entry. I know that there are women who read and love superhero comics; I read their essays and their enthusiastic blogs, I listen to their podcasts and I interact with them online. I thank them for keeping us in the conversation. But as a woman who doesn’t read superhero comics, my experience may give some insight as to why the duopoly fails to capture so many female readers at a malleable age. Continue reading Comics Without Superheroes and the Women Who Love Them

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